A common expectation of front line employees from their managers is adherence to standardization in both process and procedure. Because of this I am constantly perplexed when leaders leave their day to chance and however their outlook calendar stacks up.

Managers know the benefits that come from having a plan and believe in the empowerment it bestows on the team. This logic is as applicable if not more so for frontline managers as they strive to achieve 80/20% standardization of their workday.

Successful implementation of LSW ensures that leaders are focused not only on results, but on the processes involved in achieving the end result.



I’ve personally made several adjustments and countless failed attempts before settling on an outline and cadence that fit my expectations. And this is something you should keep in mind while adopting and molding this tool – it will likely just be a jumping off point that will move the needle most after you have tweaked it to best suit your needs. At its simplest though, it should include the following:

  • Weekly scheduled tasks you are already or need to be committed to. This section will be updated every week at the start of the week.
  • Monthly tasks that are rigid – i.e. you have to run that report at month close every month without fail – this section will rarely change but can be altered in the event of promotion or stretch goals.
  • Daily escalations – this section is simply blocks of open space labeled Monday – Friday that are for you to make notes on actively.

Now, the hardest part. It’s not filling it out every week, not remembering to take note of escalations – rather having it on your person at all times. Or ensuring you have it on you only to leave it on the kitchen island. This does take some time to get used to, and it’s inevitable you will misplace it at some point. In the event of this, it’s important to have the living document with your weekly changes saved and available.

How does one change the behavior of an organization? By changing the behavior of its leaders. Leader Standard Work is a highly effective means of starting and sustaining Lean. This activity is applicable to any process.

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