Possibly one of the biggest pushed in the modern day is to “Go Digital” in every aspect of your factory. Whether it is your tier board system, layered process audits, or your downtime tracking, the latest trend is for high management to demand digital factory endeavors be put into their operations without true understanding of what this does to a business.

It goes without question that Digital Factory endeavors can improve your business drastically. However, these should be done methodically and with true purpose. Simply putting information onto a television screen, or buying an expensive ERP system, does not make a factory truly digital. In contrary, it simply makes some of the hidden data visual. This is a key step towards going to a digital factory, but lean tools need to be systematically in place for the transition to be smooth.

Besides, what’s the point in a Digital Tiered Accountability system, if there is no true accountability for ones actions or their closing efficacy? Where is the true cost-benefit analysis and how will this effect your sites P&L? How will an expensive Layered Process Audit mobile system truly make items get fixed quicker on your shopfloor? Or does it simply add complexity to a process where it wasn’t needed in the first place?

They key to implementing a sound Digital Factory strategy in your business is to focus upon the principles of accountability and process stability before introducing digital endeavors. Checklist should be completed by hand manually before you consider the digital route, and audits should be completed via a card system or something of this nature before forcing systems onto your site. This enforces the tangible aspect of lean on employees and your culture, rather than simply a screen or tablet for individuals to stare at

Nail down the core procedures and digital can take your site to the next step, but if you force digital too soon without fundamentals, you may find yourself throwing money and time/effort into something that your site does not truly understand yet.

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